October 08, 2012

Day 8 - Blogtoberfest - mobile blogging and stuff

Our side fence, half way there. Note the architecture, '70's and '80's side by side!

So my last two posts were done on my mobile, as for some reason our Internet coverage had been suspended.. OK, the bill was a day late but that's been rectified, so now I can produce more nicely laid out posts. I find mobile blogging handy, however completely deficient in being able to edit the layout of your post to my satisfaction.

So today for us was the first day of school, two very enthusiastic children ready to go . My 5 year old even made her own sandwich, which was a wonderful help, even if she did use the end piece of bread for her sandwich which normally I reserve, if I can be bothered, for toasting only.

We achieved a couple of milestones today which was we were not only on-time we were early! This included a stop off for the purchase of two apples, for the grand total of $2.30 which I expressed my disbelief that two apples would cost so much. Didn't go down so well, no matter, fruit is becoming over priced but $2.30 for x2 basic Fuji apples!

Coffee afterwards for the post holiday-break catch up with other Mums and then a leisurely walk home with the two year old, he being in the pram so it was leisurely. If he walks add another 30 minutes to our 8 minute walk. I like to call these particular walks the 'Smelling the roses tour' which I enjoy but not every day. However I appeased him today as we walked close to the various fences and walls that are on the street frontage and he ran his stick along which he thoroughly enjoyed for the texture and the sound...

Then speaking of fences we arrived home to see that our fence had been successfully demolished (which started at 7am today!) and posts holes were dug, which was very exciting for the 2 year old. We got to inspect not only our courtyard but also our two adjoining neighbours yards and use the string line as a limbo game, until I stopped him and we headed back inside for ABC kids, an excellent distraction under the circumstances.

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