October 10, 2012

Day 9 - Blogtoberfest - Liebster award

I made some time to go through my comments today and was so nicely surprised to receive this award from Paula of  'Happy Snappy - By Paula - Buenos Aires'

"Thank you Paula!"....

So I'll take the time to answer her questions thoughtfully and then nominate my 11 blogs  with their 11 questions in a later post as I'm currently catching up with my blog reading and meeting new blogs:

Getting to know you better questions by Paula:

1) Which is your most enhanced sense? 
 My sense of sight definitely! With my background in design and appreciation of colour, light, form and functionality. I am very driven by my visual surroundings...

2) Desktop, laptop or tablet?
 I currently use an ipad, iphone and PC for my desktop. However coveting an Apple laptop as it will be compatible with my other apple hardware, much easier to use on the run and more appropriate for my business. However my ipad is fantastic for presentations to clients and quickly accessing online information that is otherwise too small to read on my iphone!
3) Pink or Adele?
Neither! However I don't mind catching their music if on the radio. I wouldn't listen to a whole album in one sitting. If someone bought me a ticket I would definitely see Pink in concert, Adele is OK in small doses.

4) Tokyo or Paris?
This is a tough question as I love both these cities and have been fortunate to travel to both. However I would have to say 'Paris' for this answer as I haven't been there since 1994 and would love to travel to Europe again.
5) Which is your favourite cartoon character? 
Mmmmm this is a tough question, showing my age here, yet I would have to nominate 'Kimba the White Lion' and  'Astroboy' from when I was a child.
6) How many pictures a month do you take on average?
 I would say on average I would take at least 100 - 200 photos a month. Reinforcing that I am a VERY 'Visual' Person, I also love recording the daily antics of my children. Most photos will never see be published however I keep them as a personal record of their journey and our life together.

7) What are you currently working on?
 Currently, I am working on a very diverse range of projects, staring with several Interior Design jobs which entails the complete interior design of a residence with a 'Historical period theme'. A smaller project which is entails designing more 'Contemporary classic style' and includes an Island bench, cabinetry and sourcing various pieces of furniture, plus other smaller projects which usually are colour schemes and sourcing specific items. With my hobbies, I'm working on a series of cards utilising recycled children's books, cross stitching hoops and looking to pull out my sewing machine this summer!

8) Do you have a blogging plan?
At the moment my blogging plan is for more consistency. I hope to soon link it in with my business website which I'll look at having built next year. ( I need a portfolio of work from my first year of working showcasing my 'own' work, to be able to build this website) Then of course I would consider changing the name of my blog, but that's decision I'll make later...

9) How many challenges / projects have you signed up for this year?
In terms of blogging challenges, only Blogtoberfest. I am so busy with the day to day running of the household with three children, trying to keep my the momentum up with my business which is still in it's first year. Blogging has become secondary until Blogtoberfest, which has been a fantastic outlet and full of creative inspiration through the other blogs I have rediscovered or are new to me...

10) Have you got a Facebook page?
Yes, however not under my blogging name, only a private facebook page. Which I use to keep in touch with family and friends interstate and to update my family's milestones and experiences.

11) What´s next?
I wish I had a crystal ball for the many answers I would like to have. However my long term plan is to move house and travel more!

Note: I have edited a couple of badly written paragraphs embarrassingly noted when I pulled up my blog just now!!

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Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Thanks for playing along! I knew you´d have interesting answers. :D Looking forward to getting to know you even better through your blog. Best wishes on the new site plan. :)