October 07, 2012

Day 7 - Blogtoberfest -Catching up

Have just checked my list of posts and realised I'm blogging a day behind and missed Day 5 completely! Not to worry I am just thrilled I am blogging more regularly even with all the distractions of school holidays and commitments.

I've really enjoyed these school holidays at home, normally we are away this time of the year and the memories of our last school holiday and not getting away loomed before me of how to keep us happily busy! (Clearly our last holidays were not exciting!)

We had success with these school holidays with good planning I was able to take the kids to the Royal Melbourne Show, movie dates and playdates lots of them.

We had quirky adventures with visiting my sister's house on my mothers last day in Melbourne arriving early so we could have breakfast! Sounds silly yet it was a really nice way to spend some more time together and sadly say goodbye, until the next visit!

I was also able to do some work for clients and had one day of meetings which turned out well as my mother was able to look after my children, bonding time for them and the luxury of having a family member babysit which is a rarity as all family is interstate except my heavily pregnant sister, which really is too much of an ask at this stage to look after three boisterous children!

I haven't managed to catch up with everyone I'd like to. I haven't even managed a night out, yet this doesn't bother me at all. I have commitments for evenings out later this month and for those friends I couldn't catch up, time will allow us too down the track.

I actually feel refreshed and looking forward to what the last term of this year will bring! I'll be kick starting with catching up on work, starting a new fitness routine and the first of many projects starting with painting my 9 year olds bedroom whilst he's on school camp.

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Kat @ I Saw You Dancing said...

Ahhh, what's a Day Five between friends?
Just happy to have you with us.
Loving all the colour and LIFE in your happy snaps!