May 25, 2008

"This is....something I got and still haven't used"

Okay where to start with this weeks theme for "This is.." as suggested by Flossy-p for Angela's inspiring meme.

At first I thought I didn't have a thing to show then realised there are quite a few things I haven't touched since they have been purchased or received. I have chosen one for today.

The funniest item is one my Mother-in-law or MIL, gave to me a couple of years ago, when my son couldn't enough of babychinos (this post is sounding naff!)

Anyway she pulled out this box and the item in question called the "Fast Cappuccino" and said it is terrific for frothing. I politely took it and thought straight away, "Oh my god I am never going to use this" because the fact was I hated the shade of brown (shallow I know) and it didn't go with anything else in my kitchen (although my kitchen is brown but that's not by choice and that is a whole other story!)

The other key aspect is me the whole point of babychinos or froth on anything is that, is I don't want to make them at home, it's nice to get out of the house for that very reason... You know
"Hey let's go out for a coffee/babychino"...I think I have made my point.

Anyhow I have hung onto the "Fast Cappuccino" maker, as the last couple of visits she (MIL) has asked me about it, so I pull it out wave it in front of her then put it back in the cupboard, until one day it will mysteriously disappear to the Op (thrift) shop.

postscript: Could I suggest that the design of this item is rather dubious if you know what I mean?


Maureen said...

Actually I thought it was something quite different than a frother, if you know what I mean!

And I do dh and I will go out for a froufrou coffee, but we almost always stick to plain tea and coffee at home.

Lisa said...

he he. I was thinking of the dubious thing too.

I hear you with the babycino thing. My girls love them, but at home just would not be the same.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

hehehe... I love your postscript and have to confess, I had quickly glanced at the photo and wondered exactly what you were going to be confessing to have never used yet ;)

one little acorn said...

Oh this is hilarious. I admit, before I read the writing, I was wondering what it was - and yes, I DO know what you mean.

And I'm with you - who wants these things at home when one can make an outing out of it!

Jimmy Trickle said...

Ha! I just watched that episode of Sex in the City when Brady's oscillating baby chair breaks and Sam finds another use for her "neck massager".

Maybe you could mod Cleo's chair a la SATC?

Perhaps not - too creepy...