November 01, 2007

On reflection....

I mentioned before about change in the wind in my post 'Defining moments'. Well the ambulance bill is paid but that's not the issue. The situation is this. On Monday this week I had a meeting which my dear friend Carissa set up for me with a client of hers with whom she is passing the baton to me for work. It is a fantastic opportunity to work not only in an area I felt I may not get the opportunity to work in, which is 'Commerical Interior design' but also fits round the care of my two children very nicely.

My problem is I already work for a very nice lady with whom I have developed after much trial and error a very good rapport with BUT and yes there is always a BIG 'BUT!'..I cannot develop any further in my current role. In terms of earnings I would eventually see more rewards. Yet in terms of Professional development I could be pigeonholing myself if I remain designing Kitchens (we always end up doing the whole Interior) yet predominately I would be seen as a 'Kitchen designer' and that has placed me in a real quandary.

I love what I do as a profession but I have never seen myself as just a 'Kitchen designer' or a 'Residential Interior designer' get my drift. I like variety and it's just not something I have been getting in the last two years! That said I have really appreciated the change in design scene and the focus in an area of design I had never really considered before. So I have been handed an opportunity to expand my experience and it's really exciting and a little scary.

In the realms of 'Commercial Interior Design' I'll most likely never get the chance to design an Interior to the depth of detail I do at my current workplace. In fact in quite literal contrast most of the Interiors will be a little staid if not down right conservative. Yet I don't mind that, it's more important to me at this stage to increase my repertoire of experience and enable my experience to allow me the chance to spread my wings when the opportunity arises. Commercial work will allow this. Kitchen work won't. It's a tough call as I had made a commitment for staying at the Kitchen place for next year. It would be a tougher call to let go of an opportunity to fly...This sort of reflecting has helped me clearly see what I now need to do...I'll keep you posted on how it's going...

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