September 20, 2007

Defining moments.

You can put your finger on the moment when you realise that your life has changed forever or that it almost did. On reflection from a week ago, that's what happened to me. What has prompted this, is not constant angst over the event, thankfully that has slowed down. There was the ambulance bill we received in the mail today (we are covered thankfully) but even still it wasn't that, it's an almost indescribable feeling, a certain restlessness. It's not even needing to relax (I do have issues with that regardless) it's just this new feeling.

I *feel*......
I *feel* searching for words here???????
I *feel* the need to move on? Kinda, but that's not totally it. The need to change? Yes, close. The need to take certain steps in my life? Also close. I am yet to reach that defining decision, but it's in the wind.

Restlessness, to define a moment, I certainly need some changes in my life (these are work and goal related, family life is terrific!) I will dig deeper. I may not have the answers yet but I am taking steps onto another path. I can *feel* it. It's exciting.

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leslie said...

hmmmm, interesting... can't wait to hear what's brewing!