September 22, 2007

Oops, Missed Friday 21st!

Yes, so self absorbed as I was on Thursday with my mysterious 'things are gunna change round here attitooode".... that by Friday I flunked on the follow through on posting 30 days straight! Never mind, yesterday was a big day with little effort and lots to do. Not sure that makes sense but I'll leave it at that!

Anyway I'll do another post tonight to be my official Saturday 22nd Post, this is my pseudo Friday 21st post.

So Yes!, change is in the wind and today made me feel a lot better about 'little' decisions I have made for the week. More on that for my Saturday post.

So Friday, was:

1. Waking thick-headed

2. A teething/restless child

3. P.M.T tension

4. A much needed walk

5. Croissants and nutella

6. Another much needed walk

7. Big kid dropped off at kindy

8. restless, so potter in studio/office (shifting piles of paper to create another pile)

9. Pick up big kid from kindy

10. Go to library

11. Go have a hot-chocolate

12. Go home and completely zone out in front of TV and absolutely forget that there is anything else I need to do (like a post amongst 500 hundred other menial things)

13. Zone out so bad in front of T.V that suddenly it is 12a.m. think to myself "What the hell are you doing.."

14. Baby wakes up for feed

15. Can't wind down

16. Suddenly it's 7a.m. in the morning and start the day thick headed

17. Go for much needed walk.

18. Croissants are the much needed dietary staple.

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