September 13, 2007

Taking up the challenge.

After reading onegirl's blog regarding posting for thirty days straight I have decided I needed the challenge and am committing myself as of today.

Yesterday I had a rather traumatic experience.

I had taken my two children with me to a showroom to meet a client. It is something I have done many times before and usually half an hour later we head off to the closest shopping strip or mall for a milkshake. easy.

Not yesterday. I was wrapping up the meeting. My son was running around as boys do and my daughter was becoming a little fretful in her pram. So I felt the floor was clean I'll pop her on the floor to stretch her body.

The next five minutes flash before my eyes in a whirl of "What ifs". My son was mucking around with a large metal stand that had handles displayed on it. Suddenly it was crashing to the floor on top of my baby girl. (She is only 8 months old)
I leaped like I have never moved and even though it seemed the display had landed on her it missed her. She also rolled at that exact point that it didn't connect with her head (the tears stream as I write this it was so awful)

Cleo went blue(holding her breathe, I picked her up and patted her back) my colleague's wife talked me through this, my head spinning. An ambulance was called and was the longest wait of my life, my son gave me a cup of water as I tried to breathe deeply.

The ambulance arrived and they checked over my baby girl, she blew them a raspberry, happily rolled over and sat up for them and we all *sighed* a collective sigh of relief.

On the advice of the ambulance I took her to the emergency room at the closest hospital. She was checked over thoroughly and found to be in perfect health with only a little bruise on her shoulder.

Today on reflection I feel the luckiest mother, with the luckiest girl alive. It could have been so much worse, it wasn't. I will have to live with that image repeatedly replaying in my head for the moment and I will now always look at my daughter and be thankful that there are no more scenario's to play out.

For my son as long as he understands it was only an accident, I don't want him to ever feel guilty.

That display stand is being removed from that showroom.

There are no hard feelings.

I won't be traipsing my children around to see client's again like that for now or ever.

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leslie said...

wow, that sounds like a traumatising afternoon - so glad it all ended up okay.

and so glad that you've joined up for the 30 day challenge as well! we can do it!