September 14, 2007

Friday on my mind!

I have been looking forward to today. Why? because it has been a difficult week and one that I would like to put behind me, never to be forgotten, just moving forward.

I'm out with friends tonight. Just wanted to have a drink and be social, interestingly as I don't feel social at all at the moment. Although I have been pepped up with the idea that a very old friend of mine is turning up and it certainly has been a long time between drinks. Many a time in the 'old' days we would go out drinking and at some point one of us would be lamenting "How crap our telemarketing job was", "How we would much prefer to be taken seriously in the field of our choices..." and now we both are. She of the 'iwriter' blog has had a book published called 'Bollywood Beauty' and I well lesser known and obscure finally got back into my chosen profession Interior Design after a 7 year hiatus!

It is slightly gratuitous to self-promote but when a longstanding friend finds recognition it is well worth sharing and celebrating. Plus theres that connection of when we were wannabe's and now we are living our projected wants. It's pretty satisfying. I still feel like I have my foot in the door, but that's the exciting aspect of taking up a career you left from (most people don't ever go back) and I certainly won't be with telemarketing/sales executive roles!!! Although that said I learnt some mighty fine skills and they help me with my professional life now.

The idea of developing and learning new skills has been more then gratifying and I am now following paths I never imagined I would follow. I go with the flow and when I feel able will self-direct again. That's the beauty of a creative profession there are very real tangents you can take that lead you back to the same my case to design and create a beautiful environment. How I go about it is different with every client and that's the most exciting an endearing quality of design - 'The unexplored'.

So all said, I have had a lot to reflect on this week and the true beauty of what life is and the directions it unwittingly takes you. If I had never done said 'telemarketing' crap job I would have never met my friend and for that matter alot of other good friends who have remained in my circle. Funny how these situations draw people together.

So crap jobs are a necessity of life, as I guess life's 'little scares', wake-up calls and all those all important fleeting moments which carry us on our journey through life, so now I gunna go back to my book, stuff the housework this week, then play with my baby girl when she awakes, tart myself up and go out for that much needed champagne!

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