October 11, 2007

Historical Details

Up until 18 months ago I worked on mainly contemporary residential design. (I still do freelance work with the occasional client when I have the time.) Then I started working with a very small Interiors company specialising in Period homes. The detail and client base were from the absolute antithesis of everything I knew and loved about design. (Why I started working here is another post altogether)

This aesthetic however has grown on me and I can become as equally excited for the client when designing their Interior for their home as they are. These shots show what essentially is for a person who loves the 'Historical' and 'Period' references. I have a new respect for this style, although not all the detailing agrees with me. I certainly understand from the client's perspective what they are requiring to achieve with their certain look and from the designers perspective that is the most rewarding aspect of this field to be able to climb into the head of the client and work out their brief, detail by detail.

I still love modern design and would say that if I was to design my ultimate house the influences would definitely come from more a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetic. However I have always joked that if I had the country cottage a little bit of "French Provincial" (or Shabby Chic a some marketing guru in America coined it!!) wouldn't go astray.

Here are the photo's from the showroom I work from... It's very quirky to say the least.


one little acorn said...

Love the timber benchtops and the colours (nice and light for a kitchen). The art is in the details and whilst it wouldn't be my exact choice, there are elements that inspire. Love the little drawers...
Having said THAT - with the kitchen I have now (1930's and pretty grungy by modern standards) I would LOVE a new kitchen.

I'm with you though, clean lines and Japanese simplicity is a great look. One day maybe... one day.

Lilli boo said...

I understand about desiring a new kitchen. My kitchen is very 'chic' 1970's - however years of grime factored in with way too much faux brown timber laminate. I would love to redesign my own kitchen! Very ironic given my field of practice too!