October 12, 2007

Clothing details...

Well I went searching for a little bit of inspiration today. With Master O back at Kindy we had a plethora of Op Shops (Thrift shops) very near us, until the last couple of months two have shut down...my guess greedy landlords! But hey I'm only guessing and getting off track..?? Anyway back to a little bit of inspiration, more for amusement then actual follow through (I'm unfortunately not that clever), I decided to seek out the crafty book's in the Op shop (sorry it's my preferred term!) I just wanted to go somewhere I don't normally go for myself and explore the crafting opportunities and inspiration which I keep referring too.

So I came across a darling book called "Stitch by Stitch" in mint condition that I couldn't photograph cause it looked too lonely as the only item I found as a decent purchase today. It was the photographs inside that tickled me...here's a couple for a flight of fancy:

This almost looks contemporary although a little too 'terracotta' for my liking. Gotta love the boots/skirt and that patchwork bag effect though!

This one got me hands down. I have the same umbrella now! It's very '70's jumpsuit which I would look absolutely ridiculous in! BUT I just loved the overall effect...common work with me here! (the pattern is for the rain jacket!)

This picture is not from the same book BUT from the booklet that comes with the Bernina sewing machine my Grandmother gave me. (That was last year as she sadly now longer uses it!)

I think this Mother/Daughter combo is hysterical, but seriously you will NEVER catch me wearing anything so ridiculous. If you do I will be having a serious "throwback" problem cause no one in their right mind would do that too themselves in a mid-life crisis. Now I am getting carried away, a little chamomile tea and unwinding may be what I need.....

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