October 09, 2007


I have always had an interest in texture in nature. Thus started a fascination from a very young age of collecting sticks, coloured leaves, gumnuts, shells etc.

Today I was at the park and really wanted to experiment with my camera (Ok yeah yeah aim and shoot it!) and see if it was any good at capturing texture and close up details. (Again little nostrils caked with snot and son having a hissy fit didn't require visual documentation)

I have also done this exercise because I am always a little jaded by the detail in photographs taken with the average digital camera. (Any recommendations on a good digital from experience would be appreciated!) I know the top end digital camera's (way out of my league) can produce amazing quality photo's, but the average digital, Does it cut it above the SLR camera's of old for detail? I love and miss my Nikon 401s, I do pull it out but no where near the amount I used to since I have acquired a digital. (Which I admit I love the instantaneous aspect-seeing the photo and being able to download it onto my computer on the same day) Yet I also love the photo processing surprise, getting back the film and seeing did your photo turn out as you had hoped it would?

Anyway here's a few shots I took today looking at texture and detail:


Spiffo said...

I like abstract photo's like these, I always have.

Lilli boo said...

Thanks Spiffo.... They are growing on me more and more. I think I'll experiment a bit further!