October 08, 2007

Finding an old friend

Facebook, I have mentioned this before. Many of my friends are addicted in a good way posting hilarious photo's, video's involving themselves in the tasks, games etc..One aspect of Facebook I do love is the fact you can get back in touch with old friends! One very dear friend Richard Wiz as we affectionately called him has got in touch after 8 years of us losing contact. What I love is that there is that old familiarity still, especially as MD and I are still hanging out with mutual friends of Richard's as well. Life as you know it will take you on many different paths and Richard's path has taken him traveling the world and now based in London.

One of Richard's many passions which he shares with his wife is traveling, his other passion is photography. I have to post this picture he took whilst on a trip to Africa, this photo recently won him "The best photo on Facebook",

NOTE: This photo is the copyrighted to Richard Wisby.
As it's an embedded jpg I wasn't able to increase the photo any larger.

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