October 08, 2007

Sundays post -a mental blank

Oops missed yesterday..wanting to do this 30 day post has been fantastic and challenging. Although there are some days when finding something to write can be a little arduous. As in this case I switched on the computer Sunday morning, thought I'll write something..... later. (It had to be later otherwise it was going to be a post about, I was woken at 5:50am, three loads of washing and vacuuming the whole house before 9am and another kid's birthday plus both kids are with snotty noses and coughs style post.) Yet time escaped and the whole afternoon became a whirlwind of running around and then winding down and never getting back to the computer.

Although a nice surprise came my way unexpectedly with a surprise gift from MD. I had interestingly been reading/lurking on Clementine's Shoes and had read about the moleskine notebook's. I have always loved diaries, sketch/note books and journals (who doesn't!) and was a more then curious to have a look at these range next time I was shopping. (I was already planning my diary for next year so that particular shopping trip was planned) So what was an absolute surprise was when MD said he had been the to National Art Gallery (ACT) and had bought all of us a 'little something' and for me this:

A lovely thoughtful gift and a nice bit of synchronicity too!
I'll endeavour with an afternoon post to make up for yesterdays lack of one!

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leslie said...

how lovely!