October 22, 2007

The drinks, the party and the christening...

I didn't go to. We had a very busy weekend planned. Yet all that went out the window with *said* sick child. Really I am grateful for it! Now I don't wish for my child to be sick so I can get out of invitations it wasn't that style of scenario. All the events that we were invited to MD made it except the Christening. Neither one of us wanted to go to that, which is a terrible confession and not really even a judgement on the friends whose day it was. Yet very selfishly we decide at 11:30am on Sunday morning that we couldn't be bothered getting out of our PJ's to race over to a church to watch the ceremony unfold....we wanted to just hang out together!

It's easy to judge that this may be conceived as a callous act...and I did feel guilt for a moment...but I have also come to the conclusion you can't attend everything! Piled on my desk (figuratively speaking!) alone 4 invitations to other children's birthday party's...all complete strangers to me! I know three by name the other I guess I'll meet on the day..that's buying four presents for four kid's I don't know? Hanging out for a couple of hours at a party (I personally feel leaving four year old's at a party with out parental supervision is unwise at this age)so you get to hang out with complete strangers...Positively, it can be a nice way to meet people or is it?

I have had some of the strangest things said to me at such party's when out of the blue you are chatting nicely and then this complete stranger says something that you find..well..just plain stupid! It's a difficult situation! If they were a good friend...you'd laugh it off...question the comment to their face or tease them...but what are the boundaries for meeting someone for the first time and reacting to a stupid comment? Laugh it off?...I normally try and not fake laughter too hard (or genuinely laugh from the shock of it), in those sort of situations you look like the fool!..get defensive? Happened to me last week as I tried to diplomatically fend off a stupid comment with a reasoned response, may have got away with it but she left a bitter taste in my mouth..and finally when they are almost to the point of outrageous ...ignore it and change the subject!

Anyway at the end of the day you have to get out there and socialise...and if want your kid not to miss out (half the pull isn't it). You going to have to endure these parties for a while and may as well while you precious ones still like acknowledging you in public. So I will endure these parties as I have also met some lovely people along the way with some very surprising connections to mutual friends or interests etc. I'll probably say something to piss someone off along the way as well and hopefully I will be blissfully unaware.

In the meantime I don't regret not going to the Christening...we got a mountain of stuff done around the house and I have a mountain of washing to fold and put away and find a spot for...(how did households get away years ago by not having a large linen cupboard?-hold that thought)

Anyway we got out for an ice cream in the heat of the late afternoon after we all started getting 'cabin fever' and then proceeded to the park for a run..all rosy cheeked..

it was well worth doing just for the four of us and no-one else.

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