October 22, 2007

Red, White & Blue.

Red, White and Blue are my new favourite colour combination. Nothing terribly originally. Definitely not feeling all nationalistic because of the pending election or even Americanised, as they always make claim to these colours for obvious reasons and rightly so...

I think I fell in love with this colour combination gradually. After all, in my field where colour is the crux of much of the work I do. Having had to deal with the 'lattes', 'mocha's' and 'donkey brown' to name but a few, these colours kept coming up in conversation's with clients over the past couple of years. The same client's who also wanted something 'modern', 'edgy' and 'minimalist' (which I hate to say folks not many people understand or do well and that is a definite discussion another time when I'm feeling inspired and edgy about it!)

Anyway, the Red, White and Blue colour combination is also all the rage. I had *decided* these were the colours I was going to concentrate for the next mini-makeover for my house. (As much as you can do in the land of unimaginative landlords who want to stick with beige, beige and beige!!!) But I digress, so when catalogue after catalogue has been arriving in my mail box (I do like junk mail helps keep my finger on the pulse on latest consumerism trends- that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!) So there it was Adairs, Spotlight and David Jones just to name a few, all with their take on how to use the latest colour combination red, white and blue!

I felt a little dejected wanting something a 'little' different from the trend and yet marveled (no tickets please) that I instinctively knew that this was a great colour combination. Unknowingly to me I didn't realise I had unwittingly picked the next trend...

So now I embrace it, as those colours suit me and my family. They will still be interjected with many other colours that I love such as oranges, pinks, green and yellow to name a few.

Interestingly I went to IKEA yesterday and was pleasantly surprised and amazed as my son chose a bookshelf for his room which was the LACK in red and two storage boxes one white and one blue, no prompting from me.

I was joyous then I had an epiphany... Firstly - these colour combinations are very Scandinavian, Secondly - these combinations are rife in IKEA...Thirdly- "Oh my god!" I do spend an awful lot of time shopping in IKEA... the penny dropped....'Noooooooooo'...I'm becoming IKEAised! Oh well.......So much for being instinctively original!

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