October 19, 2007

Resonating #2.....

Everything was going well...a wee drink with friends in the afternoon. Coincidentally one of *said* friends is a trained hairdresser...locks cut, mates rates...gotta be happy with that.

Home cooked pizza, loads of laughs, clever boy tells with a flourish of hands how he would rearrange friends lounge room...we all thought that's actually not a bad idea! Clever boy...

Got home at very reasonable hour, kids tucked in nicely, in bed by 9:30pm, read book which I am still enjoying, turn out light.

Clever boy cries out..."Mummy", 'huh?' 'Nah, he's just dreaming' "Mummy-blerrrrgh".

Woken at 12:43am to son projectile vomiting all over himself, bed clothes, floor, bathroom. Showered him, into our bed...I chose couch...could hear him reach for the bucket 3 times more...woken by MD at 4:30am...as he's off to work and thought I'd like to go back to our bed....minimum sleep.... maximum 3-4 hours...did I mention I had to feed a baby somewhere in-between all this?

Just life...haven't found a song so much to resonate, more enjoying today when both children slept for 3 hours...silence...I achieved a lot and actually managed to put my feet up and read...now that resonates!

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