September 25, 2007

done, photocopied and sent.

Got off my ass and completed all that was meant to be completed a week ago! Adjusted said drawing and sent package to client. Put together a very belated Father's Day parcel for 'Pa' and thankfully there is a huge pile of paintings and stick'em down style pictures from kindy efforts that go along way appeasing grandparents on various occasions for cards and present fillers. Sent article to friend I found in 'Who magazine', of a long ago boyfriend of hers who had (this is my brag moment) Hugh Jackman as his best man at his recent wedding. Yes I met Hugh Jackman when we were all skinny, pimply (not really) Uni kids. He was just about to take off to Western Australia's acting school (equivalent to NIDA?) the rest is history (and I'm not part of it!) and he hugged me and I never saw him again... but god i remembered him because he was and is so beautiful.

So how's that for a tangent?, 'Photocopying to Hugh Jackman'. Not really a credible PHD thesis is it? Mind you have read worse but that's for another post.....

On that note I can't really top that for a post. So I leave you to dwell on Hugh. Goodnight.

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