September 26, 2007


Clusters of objects appeal. Whether it's three (it has to be more than two in my humble opinion or it doesn't qualify as a cluster!)

I usually master clustering but at the moment my house seems a series of name it the standard clothes (washed but not folded), paper, dirty clothes (MD usual suspect here), shoes, baby toys and of course train track from here to Emerald (or so it seems!) and of course cars...everywhere!

Anyway after all that I really like these clusters, it is what makes a home feel comfortable on the inside:

Clusters can appeal like elements of my parents backyard...I definitely know where I get it from, this is from the outside!


Spiffo said...

I love a good cluster, and I don't mean breakfast cereals. Don't think I'm good at them, must practice.

Lilli boo said...

Yeah, I prefer my traditional toast or crumpet and the occaisional crumpet!..Clusters can form like 'oysters' or 'sea sponges' multiplying without warning..