September 27, 2007

Things I need to clarify.

Firstly - after my last post I realised I could potentially be mistaken as having a house full of soft toys. Please note that the photo taken was 'a little corner' of my studio or more likely on top of my bookshelf, of toys we have received as gifts for Cleo's birth. Which are all so damn cute almost too cute, that I am contemplating buying her an "ugly doll" from Hudson to break the cute factor up. (Note link to Hudson is old but kinda a cool writeup)

Secondly - Am I too old for Facebook? mmmmmm - *ponder* don't care having fun with it!

Thirdly - I received some wonderful packages today from Superbuzzy and Cheeky Beaks I am endeavouring to get back into doing something creative in regards to sewing. I don't profess to be a craft blog as such or even try to masquerade as one, this is a *me* blog and trying not to be too self-absorbed...anyway side track city there. What I do want to do is have a go! yes Australia I did sew some cushions for a textile assignment alooonnng time ago for a school project...but that was then....colour palette has changed somewhat and below is a photo of my wonderful haul, a little inspiration is happening....

- I've been asked to join a basketball team today. Let's not refer to my height for starters ( I was a great guard), but again I haven't played basketball since I was at school. So I am keen but a little nervous...especially as I am not a elastic as I once was and having had a knee reconstruction 5.5 years ago, something I do not want to go through again. (That's story for another time)

Fifthly - and finally as fifthly sounds silly! There seems to be a theme here. Two things harking back to my *youth* so to speak, not that I feel that old. There seems to be a lot of 'things I used to do' coming back around again. There are many things as children, teenagers and young adults we tend to give up along the way. The things I have laid to rest and seem to now whether it's me following up or the invitation being given, is for me to be reunited with that skill, sport etc. It's like getting back in touch with oneself again and it's fun. It's not reinventing the wheel more like 'reigniting' old passions for great outlets that we have let slipped and had never meant to let go for so long.

Sewing is one those skills taking my creative talents back to something I did enjoy when I was very young (I have been embroidering for years just little stuff) but sewing is *new* again for me. I will need to relearn that familiarity for using needle and thread whether by hand or by machine. (except for sewing up hanging hemlines and now knee holes in little boy's jean's!)

Sport always features really strongly in my life when I was growing up. I played basketball, soccor, netball competitively. When the softball team was down one I was asked to fill in sometimes. I did gymnastics, later on aerobics and gym work (very late '80's) and I swam a lot, never competitively, I would have liked to but never had the confidence. Socially I played tennis, even had lessons which I loved. Tried touch football and failed dismally (in my eyes) much to my disappointment cause I secretly wanted to play Rugby Union like my Dad had. I love watching all codes of sport on television and *live* and have been going to AFL and soccor matches for years. One of the many things that was binding early on in my partnership with MD was our mutual love of sport. When we first started living together I sat next to him on the couch and joined in watching whatever it was, I think the cricket and he couldn't believe it. Neither of us really dig the cricket anymore interestingly.

Anyway the final thing that I have found that has been coming back to me are old friendships, I seem to be bumping into people from my past whether it is through literally bumping into them - happened recently with a very old school friend I haven't seen in over 15 years at a local park near my house and she lives in the next suburb with her family, was gorgeous! to emailing friends found again through 'school reunions' or 'facebook'. All good avenues for keeping in touch.

It's great to be back in-touch with the world. I thought I should clarify that!

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