September 17, 2007

Day 4 is tough

Keeping up the challenge of writing everyday for 30 days straight and it's only day 4 and I have a blank. Interestingly there are many things I could write about but how boring am I when I reveal so much of my daily life, I realise I need to dig deep and although there has been some very profound things happening in my life these have either been documented or are moving slowly enough that a *reveal* isn't necessary at this stage.

I have to admit that I borrowed the word *reveal* from a late night show on plastic surgery... the person chosen who usually has varying degrees of exterior problems (I originally had another term but it was politically incorrect) the concept is these people's features are operated on and apparently their physical beauty and self esteem is improved! (I'd like to see a follow up show to witness if that is the case) and at the end of the said show they are *revealed* It's good term so I'm sticking with it.

So to finish my post I am going to reveal a photo to make this post a little more interesting and have randomly chosen for no apparent reason a photo that when I upload, I will publish this post and have no further more to add for today.

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