September 16, 2007

Good weekend

It's been a good weekend, fun not frenzied, busy but not pressed, challenging but not overbearingly so, just right.

Friday night was an amusing set of events, in the end there were only two of us and it was so wonderfully enjoyable to have that focus to catch up . So much to talk about, half conversations as we excitedly went onto the next topic. Discovering old haunts and new ones too and finishing the night with a hot chocolate and a wicked slice of "death by chocolate".. which interestingly was never finished.
I walked passed a shop window and fell in love with this:

The tea set is so gorgeous I'll have to buy one if not that particular one, something similar. I have completely denied my son a tea set which I'm not proud to type but I keep forgetting how wonderful they are for imaginative play. I think at four years of age, I haven't missed the boat in giving him one and so will have to keep an eye out for an appropriate set he can use and then share with his sister, maybe even a picnic basket set, excuse me while I think out loud.

Otherwise, my weekend was fairly quiet, working all day Saturday and coming home late to two tired children (which was a good thing as they were very easy to get to bed) and I was able to post and then read my latest crime novel, which I have finished today. Yay! The novel "Just one Look" by Harlan Coben.

I now have a new novel to start tonight, "The Post-Birthday World" by Lionel Shriver, apparently a cerebral chick book...but that's what I have been told. Once finished I'll give a review.

Otherwise we met some very dear friends today at the Collingwood College fete, ate gourmet snags in ciabatta rolls & slices of wood-fired pizza. Which we ended stinking of because the young man taking out the pizzas left the timber instrument (what's it's proper name?) in the oven too long and it came out in flames, doused in water the smoke permeated our clothes.

We also caught a performance of children's ballet by the Victorian ballet company, which was very charming especially in watching our four year olds react to the show.

There wasn't much more to see other than very over priced craft wares (although some of the work was very nice, I believe some of the creators were being a little ambitious with their pricing for this type of market/fair) Sorry just my opinion!

We finished off the afternoon with a run at the park, coffee and ice-cream again on Lygon street and interestingly at the same cafe as I finished off on Friday and started my weekend on was concluded there on the Sunday, no 'death by chocolate cake' this time.

We got into the car just as the storm hit and I had a peaceful drive home, as both children were asleep! Bliss.....

It definitely was a good weekend.

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