September 18, 2007

Great day

It has been a great day...too late in the day to continue a full length feature post. All I can say is I have been inspired enough to place a big order of fabrics on Superbuzzy and am intent to get my creative mind flowing again and energised enough to make something. I also realise I have a penchant for 'lady beetles' and will always fall in love with 'elephants'. I receive my package hopefully next week (not that I'm counting) and very excited...

One aspect of my inspiration is to firstly replace my seriously dilapidated cushions that have served me well but are colourless (well they are a colour but look dull) and am intending to revive my lounge'd think with being in my profession I would have that all sorted..huh! Sadly mistaken... more on that later, for now sleep beckons will update more tomorrow (Yay! I didn't miss a post for today!)

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