August 15, 2007

Rewards are always there.....

Yes that's my title. I'll finish the line, Rewards are always there if you don't look to hard for them. So today my friends was one of those days where without trying too hard I changed my routine and all went smoothly.
Firstly with Orion claiming he had a sore throat then sleeping 14 hours and Cleo with a constantly running nose was enough fodder to stay away from 'Playgroup' today even though I ummed and arrrrd regarding going as I was meant to supply the food. I rang a fellow Playgrouper Mum and she within seconds of hearing why I couldn't make it said she do the food and and I could swap with her for next week! DONE! That was a quick deal and it fitted with the idea that I would give the kids a rest and me a break from my hectic routine.

So off we went, as there were no breakfast resources in the house, the Bakery was the first port of call. Chocolate croissant and cheesy mite roll for Orion later we head off to Carlisle street via visiting MD at his work place for some spending money as you do. My focus was a coffee at Wall 280 then a spot of shopping with some window shopping thrown in the fray, whether kids chose to co-operate or not.

At Wall 280 I was told matter of fact way by my son, "That boys read newspapers and girls read magazines" it's a beautiful little line (to me anyway) and I corrected him kindly that either sex are able to read both. He was fine that.

I had to check out the windows of 'Lulu' and 'Hudson'. I had repeatedly been driving past these two shops and saying to myself I must give myself a chance to visit and consequently never do! Today I changed that, I didn't so much have to walk into the shop I just wanted to peer in and be you know excited, inspired and have that want to maybe consider 'buying' something feeling. Which I did on all accounts except buying something, which I may do tomorrow once I have dropped Orion off at Childcare.

So happy with the window shopping we did some actual shopping at 'Rock'n'roll' Coles as we like to call it, as you never know who you'll bump into.... genuine rock spotting has included members of the Beasts of Bourbon and UMI. Ok they may not be your cup'o'tea (nor mine for that matter) But it adds some character to the place along with all the other sub-cultures vying for their space in Carlisle Street.

Afterwards we headed home and just dagged around home, something I have taught Orion to appreciate and he tells me often "Mum, I like just dagging around home" like I said in my previous post "makes my heart sing" - he and I just wanted to hang out together at home with MD and Cleo, it was nice.

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