August 19, 2007

New Life, New Love....

On Friday we celebrated with our dear friends M&J the arrival of their new baby girl Mapel Mai. Today we are going to visit 'Mapel Mai' and her parents at hospital and I am very excited. I love babies. I love their innocence and they way they curl up in your arms and they way they smell. Just so exquisite nothing beats the smell of your own new born baby. I'm also excited for Mapel as she joins a lovely extended family of friends who have been eagerly awaiting her arrival. It's always exciting to meet the newest member of your gang, so to speak.

That is how it is these days. Not only are your family important but just as much the extended family as they sometimes play the greater role in being a constant in your lives and your children's lives. We have many friends dear to us who have been instrumental in not only being our friends but also becoming a trusted friend to our son and now daughter. We share with this 'new' family our lives intimately and help carry each other through the journey of life. There are friends that drop off along the way for their various reasons and new ones that join in along the way too.

It's nice to think that Mapel has become part of that cycle. A new life a new love.

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