August 24, 2007

Sometimes I wonder......

Yesterday as I running errants while baby & husband slept and number 1 child was at Booba school! I happened to have a little altercation with a very silly boy on Glen Huntly Road. One of my pet hates are people who either walk in-front or behind your car when you are reverse parking. Why? mainly they are in two categories (for the sake of this blog I'll keep the language mild) they are elderly or young. Today this boy wasn't sporting the usual 'ipod' headphones etc so he should have been alert. My car was moving, I thought 'what are you doing' as he walked in front of my car as it was moving forward, whilst parking.
So I hopped out of the car after parking it and to cut a long story he timed it with coming out of store and standing in front of me. He got so defensive when I asked why he had walked in front of my car, that I had to cut him off verbally and said "you know it's more about being concerned for your welfare then anything else?" and that is just it the stupidity of people and not thinking. Yet when someone shows concern and questions their motive they argue instead of listening.
One of his arguments was that there was plenty of room for him to walk in front of my car and for me to park? but did he stop to think he's hampering my judgment whilst I'm parking the car by blocking my eye line, that he is putting himself in physical danger by trusting me so much that my foot wouldn't slip off the brake or accelerator etc (god forbid!!)
It's just fools talk to argue with someone who is showing concern and so typical of so many people that I can't categorise for youth or elderly but just *some* people in general. It makes you think why people dice with their lives everyday by making stupid decisions that gives them a shortcut and they wind up injured or worse still dead. Have you ever wondered sometimes when you hear about a person being run over what actually happened? Yes of course there are the tragic circumstances of people being purposefully mowed down which is so calculated and awful to think about. So why do people constantly walk in front of cars whether they are parking or cruising down the street like they have the god given right to cross at their leisure?
It's called several things, "stupidity", "laziness" and a real sense of "apathy". Wake up pedestrians you have to take responsibility for your actions.


Cate Daniels said...

Aye sweets - I hear you!
Just Thank God we don't live in the land of the "Pedestrian right-of-way law". Jms said in the States he saw countless folks just randomly launch themselves in front of semi's and across four lane highways in some bizarre ignorance of the law of enertia...
Anyways - thanks for the link ^_^
I'll try to return the favour - but updating is a bit of a luxury at the mo'. And it's not like youire a newbie little Miss two blogs. Well la di dah ;). U rock

Lilli boo said...

Actually I have three!;-) (which is even sadder!) Yes I was going to launch into the 'right 'o way law' which is very L.A. but it was going to end up as a tome not a post! Nice to get a comment tho yay for you..Hope to see you back at Yoga..that reminds me gotta ring Shiva today!!!!