August 12, 2007

So much going on.....

It's been quite hectic since my last post. I even had to refer to my diary to see exactly what I had been up to. So it started with another haircut, something I am enjoying on a regular basis since I have decided to cut off my long locks.
Ahh there it is... on Friday the 3rd I picked up my mother-in-law from the airport with children in tow then had to take Orion straight to kindy. We also had to prepare for two very special friends Anna and Steve coming over for dinner (We would like to have many of our special friends over for dinner) and I was inspired as to how easy it was even with two kids. Now whose next on our list?

Orion at the airport on an age appropriate ride!

The other exciting aspect of this particular Friday was I received in the email a beautiful top I had bought from Alison at '6.5 stitches'. It is absolutely beautifully made and I love the colour 'chocolate brown' which I purchased so as to break from the usual pink, red, pink ensembles that I have been dressing Cleo in.
I also received my copy of 'Mixtapezine' which is a very cleverly put together craft zine and I really wanted to support the idea of talented crafty people who take the time to organise and actually see through their ideas. A concept I am constantly work shopping and not ever following through.
So inspired I also purchased on ETSY (my favourite online store) some little slip on shoes for Cleo from 'Tiny Happy' which she is wearing at the moment. They are also beautifully hand made and again I am so inspired my the workmanship of these handmade items not only do they look wonderful, are unique and also they will become lovely keepsakes, hopefully my children will appreciate them later in life.

So we have had a very busy week socially commencing with a 'Surprise' 60th for a favourite Uncle which was lots of fun.

Sunday tripping down memory lane watching lots of footage taken from the last 4 years of our family, there is so much you forget especially in the changes of our first born it was fascinating, beautiful, emotional and hilarious, yet an absolute nose bleed for anyone else to watch. Mundane family life should only be observed by the family.

We relived our trip to Japan on video as well and I laughed at how much footage MD took of gazing out the window of the 'Shinkansen' it could possibly win the nose bleed award, but I loved it... all the quirky things we observed in the last 6 days in Japan. (in hindsight we should have made purchasing our video camera the first priority when we got there) but hey at least we have one.

A detail shot of a shoe holding cabinet in a restaurant in Kyoto.

The ensuing week was filled with visitors, lots of running around for freelance work (which when juggling two children is exhausting) Which was later to prove to catch up with me. With some unsettled late nights with children, sickness/coughing (not me thankfully)..Friday was D-day...what do I mean by that? Well MD's band was launching their EP at Pony, a very funky little bar in the Little Collins Street. It was a n amazing night, great vibe loads of guys doing the 'dirty old rocker' look! Which I loved and will be a post unto itself!

Detail shot of 'Dirty old rocker' look with a modern twist.

MD's band came on at 1am in the morning and I crumbled, I was exhausted so instead of enjoying the moment which clearly MD and his band were I had to be helped by my sister and friends down the stairs and had my sister drive me home. EXHAUSTION is not fun and was a small reminder of how busy I have been and that I must remember several important things:
1. I am a breast feeding. I must conserve my energy, eat properly in order to nurture my baby.
2. I am a mother to two beautiful children and I must have the energy for that responsibility.
3. I must not feel guilty for wanting to go out (which I didn't) and like a child felt pissed off I didn't have the stamina to stay out and party. But recognising that my priority's have changed for the moment and that creating a balance will allow me the time to celebrate again.

So with that and a couple of other areas of my life I took to look at over the last 24 hours I feel a better sense of equilibrium. To cap off my weekend I met a young woman called Sarah with whom 'we' are designing her cafe interior. She was so inspiring. I was quite taken by her depth and clarity on the world and her 'visions' and her need to achieve. One of the more poignant things she said in our meeting discussions was how she loved to surround herself with objects that "..make her heart sing". I love that concept, so simple, so rich and so apt. Note with pleasure as I shall borrow this phrase and use it often, I have had a week of things that "..make my heart sing" and the little setbacks of life seem to pale into the background.

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