July 10, 2007

How much did I rave?

Well, yes, the statement is How much did I rave? what else but referring to my
last post. Anyway this week is proving to be quieter, although this week's focus is r'n'r! After having the first signs of mastitis, I haven't wanted to risk that happening so haven't pushed myself. Cancelled appointments, shifted priority's and breastfed in a newborn fashion so that my duct is drained properly. No need to harp on the, 'boy does anyone tell you this prior to breast feeding caper'. I went through it with my first and am resolved after being so run down by the time he was 10 months old that I was diagnosed with 'shingles'.... that I wouldn't go there again!
Not really too much to show'n'tell, I think tomorrow I going to make one of these:

Do a bit of this:

Then play with the children somewhere like this:

I won't rave about my long suffering need to rearrange the house/no time/too tired to do it scenario. Or the fact I will have to make numerous phone calls to clients, at some point type up an invoice and send some long overdue promised material for a client. Otherwise I'm off to bed cause I have dark circles that 'darthnord' (as my son delightfully calls him) would be proud of. Goodnight.

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