July 06, 2007

A busy week

Well what a week and I'm still recovering. You know you have been busy when you have to tape your favourite TV shows from Monday night and watch them half asleep on Thursday night! But I wasn't going to miss 'Desperate Housewives' or 'Brothers and Sisters' for anyone. I know they aren't the most cerebral of shows but I have read that it's very important for our social 'Happiness' to follow a TV series or drama.
I wish I had written down the genius of a journalist who wrote this. Anyway the article continued along the lines (rusty memory here) that we like being involved in other people's lives and by doing this through a series or drama is invigorating or voyeuristic?. Amen to that.
I have to admit I didn't really like the series "Brothers and Sisters' at first, you know felt it was contrived, why is everyone on American TV, always wealthy and successful blah, blah, blah..and then I got to know the characters. Of course I am a big Rachel Griffith's fan and I quite like her character which is truly a big departure from her role in 'Six Feet Under', another show I adore.
We actually have the whole 'Six Feet Under' series which was meant to be for me to chill out to, whilst Cleo was newborn. Yeah right! I have seen two episodes from the First series, 5 days before Cleo was born and that's all I have had the inclination to watch. I'll get around to it and know I'll become addicted, plus I there are plenty of episodes I missed and want to recapture them in the sequence of events.
Anyway part of why I was so busy this week was I have had a rush of organising and then anxiety as I conquered my lets put my design work out there and remind myself how to use CAD. (Computer aided drafting) for those not in the know, my big audience of 3?
Firstly, I have finally put up some pictures and comments on my design blog
click here to see Sparrow+Cooper.
My wonderful friend Jane who is an extremely talented Interior Designer and with whom I studied with, give me some wonderful feedback. Thank you Jane you are a Jem! (ha ha- she'll understand the humour in that one)- promise no more in-house jokes.
Anyway I sent this link off two potential client's prior to Jane's advice and I truly hope I haven't scared them off. I have not heard from either of them since I emailed them and that was 3 days ago. Oops. Jane noted that what I had written was a little too honest regarding my interaction with the client and thoughts about the job. She noted I should take a more positive approach, I literally cut'n'paste Jane's suggested rewritten text (how awesome a friend is that!, to make suggestions then take the time to rewrite my text, it's not like she's not busy enough with her own business!) as it was far more succinct and well thought through, mine was very much rough draft stage.

A bit like this Kitchen I was involved with the designed last year and that when I last saw it two months ago was at this stage, almost complete but needed tweaking!
Secondly, I was offered last Thursday 28th (interestingly when my last post was) some freelance CAD work. Which I accepted and then had the real 'heebeegeebee's' when I sat down in front of the program and thought "Oh my god, I have forgotten EVERYTHING!!!" I pulled out my year's worth of notes from Holmesglen Tafe (where I enrolled in 2005) and started to stress, then started to think of things like, "Why did I leave my old job?" cause at least I was working with very CAD efficient colleagues not a complete Luddite as I do now. (Absolute no offence to Linda)...lots of random silly, irrational thoughts, the deadline came and went and I was starting to feel like I had let everybody down, then at 11:30pm on Wednesday night I did it! I did everything to avoid getting back onto the CAD program, hence why Sparrow+Cooper blog got up and running. But eventually I had no choice, so it was done and you know what I was amazed at how the basics came back to me as I fiddled around. By Thursday afternoon I had completed the job (Yes I slept somewhere in between that and managed to feed my baby).
It was completely satisfying, so instead of visualising "Sorry Shaun I couldn't come up with the goods I am completely hopeless and just can't do CAD like I thought I could!", It was a case of (not in a smug way,) "Shaun attached to this email is the file for the Entrance elevations in CAD!"...there were technical hiccups, My program is more current then the office I was sending the drawings to but they got the details in the end. Scary. I have had no feedback from that either but I assume that if it was that bad I would have heard from then by now? Oops I slipping. Anyway what a week, it's done. In between that I managed to go out to dinner with girlfriends and be present to some wonderful news that my friend Lisa is expecting again! (her third) I'm in awe. Plus get to a play date at the dreadful play centre 'Bonkers'..the name says it all plus visit the showroom in between kids play dates receive more work then go to our standard afternoon playgroup. Crazy? Yes! Fulfiling? Yes!

So on that note I leave a photo I took in my parents backyard back in early May 2007. Why? because it's simplicity and colour is what contributes to this photo's beauty. Just how I feel about how this week has turned out for me, beautiful.

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