June 28, 2007

"Pretty it up"

A term used by my sister last night as we chatted away and we laughed! of course it would be funnier in context but then that would be exposing our 'Secret sister's business'. A sacred cow... you can't share 'what you had a laugh about' with your sister because it's like it's own language and if you have to explain it then the moment is gone.
Anyway I liked "pretty it up" so much I almost wanted to change my blogs name to that but then I remember there is a blog called "Oh sew pretty". I have always been concerned that the name I chose for my blog wasn't that dissimilar to loobylu. (Not intentional by any stretch of the imagination) BUT I have to say I stuck with Lilli boo cause it is a name, as I explained in my very first post that my mother coined for me at a very young age, so it's childish quality and sentimental attachment appeals to me. My "secret sister's business' could work too... ahh the mind it working overtime.
Well other amazing news is our family matriarch my Grandmother turned 97 yesterday. It's am amazing age and with it a lady with a very sharp mind too. I rang her to wish her Happy Birthday and she was looking forward to going out for lunch with my mother Pam and other daughter Sue. So there I was making a very quick lunch, soup from a can and here's my grandmother looking forward to oysters and champagne. I sure hope I am enjoying oysters & champagne @ 97 with my children. I wanted to post a photo of Nan nan as she is affectionately known in the family but realised I have never taken a photo of her with a either my digital camera of my phone. So I'll post a photo of something just to compliemt my entry for today. Gosh how do you some up 97 years.....you can't. So I trawlled through some photo's am came across this one taken on my camera phone, we were visiting the golden temple in Kyoto, Japan 2005. This picture evoked a feeling that would be a very apt way of looking at my Grandmother, a golden temple.

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