July 11, 2007

Composure crumpled

Today didn't start well. I did not have a chance to unwind last night...so stayed up late, what ensued was a very heavy sleep, a demanding 4 year old, nothing much in the way of options for breakfast, a wallet that had been raided, the car borrowed with pram in boot and a very cold morning which lacked the incentive to go for a walk. I was down but didn't realise until I was on the phone to my mother and then my 4 year old (as they understandably do) wanted attention and I wanted to speak with my mum and as we spoke the tears welled up. From that point I have felt flat all day. I made very little progress in cleaning, there was no baking there was however a children's party which was so god awful noisy, but thankfully lots of great adult company to keep me sane as I was teary there too! Tears at a four year olds birthday party not very cool.Thankfully he nor the other kids didn't notice.

So to cheer me up, I'm going to post some pictures that inspire me, although I can't reveal too much cause MD has become concerned at who may be looking at my blog. Rest assured MD not many!:

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