July 17, 2007

Composure regained

Well I have had a more positive week, as always when one has been feeling slightly out of sorts and tired they go hand in hand and they aren't fun when extended over a period of days or weeks or months. Thankfully this was over a couple of days. So when the storm breaks, (very appropriate with the current weather) and the tensions have eased (slightly due to everyone feeling cabin fever today because of the weather) things have started to be done.
The house has been rearranged as planned. Thankfully we found time last Sunday due to the saving grace of my sister and brother in-law who kindly took Orion to the movies and we set to work on rearranging three rooms. So now the cot is up, our study set-up and the kids area a WIP. So will mean another trip to IKEA for storage boxes and a bookshelf. Interestingly I have also been inspired by of all things a catalogue I received in the mail which advertised white baskets with pink gingham lining. I was amazed that they caught my eye and even more amazed I am considering them! man, having a girl has certainly brought out a very feminine aesthetic in me which I dare say has been lurking inside for along time.

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