June 03, 2007

Family Day

Finally after months of juggling our commitments with work, training, friends and 'other' family members we have finally had a "Family Day" together and it was fun! MD was given a book voucher from 'Kill City' from last Christmas and hadn't taken the opportunity to use it.

With Sunday now our family day as we have no commitments for either of us anymore for that day, we thought it would be nice and go exploring just the four of us. The decision was made to venture into the city for a proper coffee (we ran out a week ago and haven't got around to buying some more believe it or not!) plus have a wander.

So we did and enjoyed it very much, minor hurdles were carrying a bulky pram down a narrow flight of stairs into a typical city basement location (no lift no nothing) with a guy behind the counter who suspiciously acted like he was Dylan Moran from 'Black books' fame, but without the alcoholic swagger and disheveld goods looks (strictly my personal view!) With three books chosen we made our way to Pellegrini's and here's an artistic shot:

Note: Camera held up discreetly.

Note: Bulky Pram with beautiful baby.

Our afternoon finished off in Brunswick St for Pizza and a 'Chat' as our son likes to say.

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