May 31, 2007

Whisk, not the cooking kind!

I have realised I start my posts with alot of I's ..mmmmm....Anyway I think I have reached my limit for commitments. I have been managing my freelance work and children and family life,
just. Hence why I haven't been writing lately, jotting, posting what ever your preferred term.

I am completing freelance work and collecting a cheque, my window of opportunity will be in the afternoon when my little man, Mr headstrong goes to his second ever session of Kinder! Three year old kinder has been such a big step for him and when we first arrived last week and he held my hand and look at the kids with trepidation I thought "Oh god what have I done subjecting him to more change" (melodramatic I know and dangerous to let people into your mind a little bit!!)

Yet within 10 mins he had been encouraged to play in the kitchen area and was placing the frypan on his head with a couple of the other kids following suit. I knew he was settling in and being accepted, it looked like loads of fun. So happy he was content, MD and I left to him to play. I then had to whisk off to an appointment with Cleo to see a client. That's the madness of my days, Whisk here, Whisk there, although I have to admit I am enjoying it and that's a good sign I am doing it for the 'right' reasons. I can also gauge how I am physically travelling by comparing to how 'exhausted' I was when away in Canberra, that is a reliable barometer and one that I don't want to trek to again.

Okay I was going to attach a photo as I have been taking plenty and inspired by much, but seems blogger is being a little tempremental so there's my entry for the last day of May. Tommorrow the 1st of June, the 1st day of winter and hopefully after the events of today the 1st of new beginnings for all of us. (sorry I have to leave on a cryptic note) ciao.

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