June 09, 2007

Bloody late again...

Allrighty look at the time, it's ridiculous I know but so much has happened this
week and I'm finding it hard to switch off. So with all the following up of client's, calling family, making very little time for friends in Melbourne at the moment
except for my mother's group (very important) but so are friendships, texts and a couple of quick calls don't cut the grade! Anyway I made time for me and have gone for the big chop, not the Karate kind but to my hair. I was really starting to wear the perpetual pony tail and seriously it was hurting my head. My hair felt heavy and now it's thinning around the hairline because yes! it's that 4/5 month hormonal change time
which happened with my last pregnancy so It was now or never and I told my hairdresser to go from this:

To this:

and I am absolutely in love with it. It's manageable, quick to style and NOT pulled back from my face, which is a sign I have grown tired of my long hair when I do this. I can always grow my hair again, it grows quickly but gosh it's so nice to have a change. They say "A change is a s good as a holiday" well in this instant it has worked. I have emailed everyone and teased them with a shot of the back of my head, pathetic I know but it had to be done, Why cause I want to celebrate change.

Oh and for a change I have missed getting my application in for the Scarf festival, so frustrating but there is always next year and since I am indulging in cliche's, I'll endeavour to enter next year - third time lucky.
Note: shots were taken with camera phone so first shot was definitely blurry, forgive me.

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