April 27, 2007

As I promised

I finally took the photo's of the presents Kati gave Cleo that I discussed in my last post. The first photo is of the gorgeous teddy bear.

The second photo is of the gorgeous colourful socks.

Which will come in handy when we visit family in Canberra next week.
Something I am really looking forward to. I haven't seen my Father for over a year,
which is way too long. Thankfully I have seen Mum a lot, thanks in part to her wonderful help when Cleo was born. I feel very teary then when thinking of Dad I realise how much of my feelings I push aside whilst living in Melbourne just so
I can get on with my life, but it is immensely hard living away from family. I have no interest in living in Canberra again, I absolutely love visiting my family and friends there but Melbourne is definitely my home now. I feel with having a second child that somehow I needed not to have the mindset that it's too difficult to do anything so when the opportunity arose I took it. Next Saturday we fly out and I am sooooo excited.

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