April 22, 2007


Christ I have been busy. Yet it has been seriously fun. In the last week I have caught up with no less then 10 friends. Now I know that sounds ridicuously like
some boorish braggart but it has to be noted because it included one serious blast from the past, several family members and the rest a multitude of friends that I
see on varyingly irregularity and with whom I managed to catch-up with all in the same week.

In hindsight it was probably a little bit of madness but I really enjoyed it! My children in tow and showing obvious signs of tiredness (fair enough) we were all richer for the experience. I feel so energised yet I am sitting at my computer with a head cold, aching shoulders, knowing I am a little run down I should be tucked in bed, but not for me! yet, anyway. I am seriously buzzing.

"Natural high" it's something I really revell in. These are what you forget about until you are reminded when you have one of these "natural high" moments and I have had several this week. No particular order, as they were a well rounded set of experiences fused with going out for coffee, lunch, dinner and a drink, an expo and lunch again.

The expo was 'designex' which was interesting but not mind boggling. I saw a couple of peices I liked and one piece that coincidently my friend Brendan designed:

It was the fuelling of the imagination that was important, not only from a visual perspective with veiwing the latest 'innovative' fittings, fixtures and colours but also the conversation along the way.

There was so much to catch up on that I really have to sort out the rest in my head and slowly allow the layers of information seep in and digest so I can respond. One of the responses I will divulge in my next post are some photo's of some truly beautiful items I recieved from my friend Kati for Cleo, she really has an eye for beautiful things. They'll need to be photographed and during the day so their true colours can be appreciated. I have many projects to start my week off and that is the first one, more later.

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