May 02, 2007

What's with me and 11:15pm

It's late again. I seem to be having these really full days at the moment and using my evenings to catchup on my 'online' paperwork, so to speak. Once again it's past 11pm I cannot believe it. Thank god for a wonderfully, not very demanding baby. Cleo is 15 weeks old and counting, my the days seem to be flying, I so realise how much more navel gazing I was able to do with Orion. I feel like I have had to be thrown back into the deep end much earlier this time and I ain't planning to sink any time, so have to be super organised. Cleo comes along for the ride without too much protesting, I hope she is enjoying herself.
I do intend going to bed straight after this entry. With our pending trip there seems like so much to do and again so little time to do it. But I'll pack crumpled clothes if I have to and sort it out once I get to Canberra. I am so looking forward to just getting out of Melbourne. It's not so much Melbourne but just having a change of scenary, I'm certainly sick of the sight of our house at the moment and thinking about how I could change it. I'm also dare I say it needing a break from our "family" routine which is 88% controlled by me ( I made that figure up cause I like the sound of it) But seriously I do most of everything at the moment and feeling like there is a lack of appreciation coming my way. Which probably isn't the intention, but I find when you start to feel this way you need a break in general.
I funnily enough recieved an email from a  friend today called 'The new rules of Survivor" as much as I never watched the show, this email tickled me. It started off with the premise of "6 male contestants are put on an island and assigned 3 children each...." and was very dry in humour and highly amusing, not in that laugh-out-loud kinda amusing more that internal "heh heh heh"-keep-to-yourself chuckle, which is all I have the energy for. If you don't recieve in the next couple fo days, my dear friends of no-one! I will gladly forward you a copy, boy I love talking to my imaginary lurkers.
Anyway I think I'll have a milk'n'milo now, pretend that will help me sleep and also try and help rid the extremely garlicky pesto taste I have in my mouth from the lunch I made today.

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