March 27, 2007

tuesday morning an all is fine

The day has started beautifully. It's a typical crisp Autumn day and I have conquered all that
was on my list of things to do. There are still the general household chores that I keep avoiding, but they really hold no significance to me today. It's going to be 28 degrees today and it's
another day with my young children to go and explore. So today we are going to Playgroup
via a supermarket for some fruit. There's something so appealing with going through the motions of doing something so basic as having breakfast, feeding my children, allowing the baby to have her morning nap and being able to play on the computer as my 3 year old watches ABC kids. It works in nicely and I really appreciate these moments, I have to I am realising that all too soon they could be at school and I will be back working full-time and madly juggling their interests with mine and my partners. So reflection on a quiet day is wonderful.

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