March 21, 2007


In a flash I have had some inspiration, so even though I am effectively talking
to myself here, it's like I am speaking out loud. (No I'm not mad) I have been
racking my brains for a solution. 
The dilemma has been how do I work (outlet) juggling two kids and not 
wanting to place newborn in daycare until she is at least 12-15 months old and not
have my 3 year old in daycare for anymore then two days as I like having him around.
So the solution, work from home. But what do I do? and What do I do best? Well after several requests from friends and having just visited a website where I left a comment regarding a solution for colours for a Kitchen, I have decided to expand my Interior Design skills into the Blogosphere.
Hence I will launch the website which will be completely dedicated to giving online advice regarding your Interior wether it's residential, commercial or retail I'll have a go at helping find a solution.
I have years of experience and will establish a folio and resume online.
I'm inspired, I'll get to work now and see how this develops. I must say "Thankyou"
to 'Pea soup' the blog that I responded to. My goal to have this website up and soon.


Suse said...

Hello, this is Suse from Pea Soup, and it's thank you from ME!

I couldn't find your email address, but wanted to say thanks for your encouragement. I've been looking at the laminex range, and wondered which were the 'two' types of timber you said would work. I agree, timber can look dodgy. I'm keen to avoid the heavy look, also the country baltic pine look, etc. Yet I'm wary of how orangey the cherry ones can be.

My email is and I would really appreciate that advice you so very kindly offered.

Suse said...

Oh okay, I just got what you meant when you said two types of timber can work. As in timber on the doors, and timber on the benches. (But yes, they have to be the right timbers).

Duh. Sorry.

shlinki said...

hey lil! great idea about the website. mark and i will be lining up for advice if and when we enter the scary world of home-ownership!