March 30, 2007

My journal

In writing this blog I have been deciding what is my angle, why have I been doing this?
Well it's not hard to see that it really has developed as an online journal for my daily or weekly reflections and idiosyncracies. I don't reveal everything that has happened during the week as there are some things that are sacred and just too personal, that would have to be reflected in my hand written journal which I haven't touched in months, which is a shame there has been alot to reflect on. I just really enjoy the simplicity of turning on the computer and logging onto blogger and away I go.  It's a great outlet for what originally would be jottings in my journal.

Interestingly in the things I have put out there one that has cropped up is the decision to move!
In light of a  recent letter sent to us by our over zealous Landlord (so
authoritive sounding, yet he's a little weasel)....
his weaseliness (invented word) extends that in the time we have been living
hear without fail he has increased the rent every 6 months. It's not that we can't afford it it the principle of the matter....greed. Maybe for those who own
property they see it as a "a return for investment"... so how much money does he need? I
don't care but I have fed his coffers quite nicely thankyou! Plus I am really craving the excitement, the suburb we live on is fringe suburbia 4km's from some interesting action and that's what I want. the kids are young enough that it's doeable. There's so many parks around Melbourne that a big backyard isn't  a requirement for us at this stage and really MD and I don't have the time to maintain a garden. Even though I would love a beautiful garden,
yet to maintain a garden you need to be able to invest into it and I've decided
I don't need to invest in  someone else's garden maintenance, as we have
had to in the current place we are in.
I would love to live in a large apartment, terrace house or warehouse. I'd love to see a little
bit of character within the architecture of the building. Preferably three bedrooms
as long as the bedrooms are large. I'm sure the kids could deal with sharing a bedroom.
My only other requirement would be a large Lounge room, cause I'd still like to entertain friends and it's nice to have the room. It's appealing the thought of moving on, the effort it would require is mind boggling, but I know we can do it!

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