March 09, 2007

"Things will only get better."

'Melbourne Botanical gardens on 28/02/07

One more day until my birthday, I'm being 'self obssessed' I realise, but I can't help it.
I haven't realised how much we can take for granted each decade and I've really started to 'think' about what have I acheived in this decade through my thirties. At this stage I feel alot more positive about what I have achieved yet am still daunted that I am reaching the
'40 milestone' because '40' sounds alot older, yet I hear it's the 'new 30'.
The idea as we progressivly become older we want to feel youthful and so we should,
but still with a better understanding of who we are. I am certainly sharing this milestone with many people close to me and anyone who was born in 1968 the 'Year of the Monkey'.
That's why chose the image I took last week, it represents a moment of 'reflection', 
a moment in my journey when I took time to look, a moment to appreciate and
a moment to capture... wether it's reflected in that image doesn't matter, 
it does for me. 
What it represents are all of those things and of a fleeting moment when I had felt
upset and was able to reconcile that 'life' can be beautiful and that really it's just a
moment in time when we feel the reeling effects of emotion, it did pass and I did move on.
From this point like anything in life we can afford to be a little whimsical and a
little hopeful and never doubt that "things will only get better."

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