March 11, 2007

Creative Moments

I had a fabulous birthday for many reasons, but mainly because I shared it with friends and family I care about.
I felt spoilt not in the context of gifts but more in the aspect that people wanted to share their time with me to celebrate and we made the most of our afternoon/evening.
I feel like it's going to be an amazing year, it's started so strongly and there's so many things happening in our life to feel constantly passionate about.
One aspect of our lives is having our creative outlets and for me at this stage it's talking about it, huh! (That is changing). Then I receive a wonderful gift from my irrepressible friend Shalini who gave me a teapot, see pics.

What I love is the message written in the card that accompanied the teapot,
I have to share:

"Wanted to buy you a present to fuel those creative moments or
just to have with you when you're relaxing & reflecting

It's through a thoughtful moment like this that does fuel creativity. I have left the pot on the dining table as I have photographed it, as a reminder that it is there for the taking any time.

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