March 14, 2007


My sister gave birth yesterday to a healthy bouncing boy
whose name they are officially to announce later. It is such wonderful news
it really has filled my heart with joy. That both my sister and her partner
have come through this amazing journey and landed safely at the other end. 
'Bubba' as the baby has been dubbed for moment did require an operation 
a hour after he was born, as part of his bowel was protruding from his
This was closely monitered throughout the whole pregnancy and he
was able to be born spontaneously on March 13th @ 10:01pm EST.  
I cried tears of joy as having just gone through the birthing process
I understand the momentous task that it takes for your body both physically
and emotionally.
Congratulations Chrissi and Bruce, I can't wait to meet your 'Bubba'.

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