March 05, 2007

Catching up....

Last week saw me really go into "Sleep debt" and I couldn't shake that feeling, some day were worse then others with keeping my sense of humour, trying not to be irritable with everyone
and in general just manitaining a sense wellbeing. I failed on most accounts.
It started with an 'incident' on Monday, 'tears' on Tuesday, 'grumps' on Wednesday, 
being civil on Thursday, trying to 'relax' on Friday, more 'tears' on Saturday and then
'finding balance' on Sunday at the other end of what felt like a long week feeling a little more resolved.
Today I feel 'great' I have managed to come through with some more sleep over the weekend, some really deep sleep over Sat/Sun and today feel a little skip in my step again! It feels good.
I can get things done when I have had an energy boost naturally not artificially from sugar and coffee/tea.
So will be looking to slowly achieve more in terms of projects i.e. rearranging house to be done by the end of the week. This is also my last week of being 38 years old. Naturally I turn 39 this
coming Saturday which is abit daunting. My last year of being in my thirties, what a momentous occaision, I will definitely have to make the most of this year. I think I will!

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