March 02, 2007


I have just put Cleo down for a sleep. This morning so far.... I have managed to get Orion to Childcare in reasonable time. Come home and complete two loads of washing, strip our bed, dishwasher on (Thankgod for modern appliances), Call a work colleague to reject an offer of full-time work (even tho very attractive..not fair on 7 week old child or 3 year old for that matter!!)
Now I can have some R'n'R time....My next move is going to be interesting for me that is, I could watch "The Devil wears Prada" DVD or save that for tonight after all are in bed...or I could start reaaranging furniture from  the studio into the lounge room.. I have decided on a major turnaround for location of items. I want to move the computer in with the nursery furniture and have all my creative stuff out in the lounge where I can do 'crafty' things and involve my son in activities too. Leaving the computer in a room where it won't succumb to temptation to be used
by little inquistive fingers and for that matter older ones, whilst the children are around and wanting attention.
So I think I'll opt for the second option.. save the DVD for tonight and relax into that next stage
of organising my crafting/creative areas. My other incentive is that I can then move my easel into this new area I will designate for creativity in the house and the other big plus is I can then also use my easel in a space that will be able to accommodate it. I have applied to enter the annual scarf festival and have dug out all my painted small steps every day leads to the bigger goals that I have set my sights on further down the track. I'm really feeling I'm taking
the right steps to be being organised.

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