February 27, 2007


I have had a very interesting day fraught with lots of time spent outdoors, talking with
girlfriends, watching my son enjoy playing, interacting with other children, creating adventures and games. It truly was wonderful because I on the other hand after a night at a girlfriend's
house for an "Oscar's party" was exhausted, emotional and tired. (Dreadful combination) It took being in the fresh air to clear the head and appreciate the simple things including my son playing that helped ease all that tension welling inside. So in the morning we headed to the park to meet a girlfriend and her delightful daughter Ruby, we stayed there for just over an hour and then went home for some R'n'R for all of us.... which I didn't really indulge in because I had to organise for going out on our next playdate. Plus a couple of phone calls later from girlfriends and I was then pressed for time. So we took off and whilst driving was able to encourage Orion to eat a couple of sandwich squares before he promptly fell asleep just before we arrived at the Botanical gardens.
We woke Orion and headed into the gardens. The gardens are so seriously beautiful, we met our friends Ollie and Ness, went and purchased our obligatory coffee, hot chocolate and the like, then headed off for our walk after a couple of false starts due to the boys wanting to go to the toilet.  (Is it just me or are 3 year olds the hardest to get going) So we walked, deep breaths, lush greenery (not bad with being in the middle of a drought) and even though they weren't clear skys..... it was just being among the foilage that really worked for me. What also was lovely was to be with a friend that really truley knows how to listen and as I spoke indepth unfortunately a little "too" much about myself she was patient and insightful. After three hours of strolling I 'thanked' her profusely. It's so rare to have a friend that will listen, you really need to pick and choose your audience, in this instant it is a friend who is newly acquianted to me for year, close but not claustrophobically close (where an opinion may be tainted with biase because they are protective of you) I didn't require that today, I required an ear and a little patience as a tired an addled brain tried to work through the previous 24 hours. It is too personal to divulge, but I would like to note I recieved the feedback that was pertinent to tackling the problem and some insight as to how I might address the situation with some 'insiders' knowledge. 'Insiders' knowledge was gleaned from breaking down the conversation from the previous 24 hours and fine tuning the 'represented meaning' behind the words. So I chose to place a picture of a bouquet of flowers my mother bought me to represent that there are truly beautiful moments in the world and that was apparent when my daughter was born and mum acknowledged it in many ways but these flowers were her gift to celebrate a "new" life and a "new" chapter 
in our lives ..... this indeed is very "beautiful".

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