February 25, 2007

Weddings, Parties, Anything....

In the last couple of months not only have we celebrated Xmas, New years, various birthdays
and the birth of our second child, we have managed to celebrate three marriages.
Interestingly and typically all three celebrations were vastly different. I could discuss the 
weddings for pages but don't want to dedicate my time to that.
We managed to not only attend Kev & Jo's wedding party celebrations on Saturday night 
but also took the children, so it enabled me a night out which I enjoyed.
What was also nice was being able to go home, have a hot milo (warm milo for Orion) and snuggle into bed, read a little and fall into a very deep sleep, my only stirring was MD coming home later in the evening.
Otherwise we awoke at 7:30am for a feed by Cleo and that was bliss.
(note: photo taken on a particularly blissful evening with friends at the coast, drinking
champange by the fire!)

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