February 23, 2007


I'm not tired from a demanding baby on the contrary she has been fantastic. It's the humidity, I'm really am not enjoying the summer heat. It's been too hard. Yesterday I was out and about all day and just sweltered everytime I got in the car or out for that fact.....I had to drive home and leave Cleo with MD as soon as I knew he was home from work because she didn't need to be in the car for any longer then 10 mins! Which she wasn't, I had my 6 week check up with my 
obstetrician and he explained that I would still have the pregnancy hormones in my system so would be feeling the heat more then usual, which did explain alot.
Thankfully every where I went was air-conditioned and very pleasant which was nice for both mum and bub. So very tired though from a restless night woken by our 3 year old who wanted to hop into bed with us and is like a heatbox....so I am trying to wake up over a cup of tea and hopefully I won't feel so awfully thickhead all day!

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