February 21, 2007

lots to do

Lots to do today,
  • Firstly I have to vacuum the house it's crumb city in the lounge room. We have been eating in their quite abit lately, it's become too easy to flop on the couch with our meal and watch television. I think this is a habit we need to get out of....back to eating at the dining table as from tonight.
  • I also have to print off some photo's so I can send them to relatives who haven't met Cleo yet and just haven't seen us in a while!
  • I need to call my sister to wish her, "Happy B'day Megan".
  • I need to clean up house period, a quick fluff of pillows and neatly stacking existing piles, that will be suffice.
  • Must go to Playgroup, Orion is going stir crazy for interaction with kids.
So a busy day all round that's including a shopping trip to the supermarket, MD's two sisters visiting from Interstate (but just to relieve pressure on us staying with relatives which is very thoughtful!) If we had the space I wouldn't mind them staying at all! So as I said lots to do, it's good to be busy.

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